Contact Us

For Emergencies, CALL 911 !

For all other matters, please contact the Board of Director’s Direct Voicemail below and leave a message.
Your comments, suggestions and feedback are encouraged. Please leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible, OR you may remain anonymous by calling from a blocked number.

Board of Directors
Direct Voicemail: (760) 527-4046

Montezuma Valley Volunteer Fire Department
37370 Montezuma Valley Road
Ranchita, CA  92066

For more immediate assistance, please contact a board member directly…

Fire Board Members:

Carolyn Audibert – President
h: (760) 782-0526
c: (760) 822-6004

Annette Foote – Treasurer
h: (760) 782-0255
c: (760) 748-1360

Jamie Beals – Secretary
c: (619) 381-2061

Don Rowan
h: (760) 315-2681

Ross Radford
c: (209) 390-4967

Krystal Lynn Tronboll

Shannon Frink