2017-08-01 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of MVVFD Board Meeting
August 1st, 2017

Vice President Don Rowan called the meeting to order at 6:04 PM

Members in Attendance:
Treasurer: Annette Foote
Secretary: Jamie Beals
Board Members: Ross Radford, Krystal Tronboll

Firefighters in Attendance:
Corey Bennin, Battalion 5 Chief Jeremy Roesler

Public in Attendance:
Dave and Sandy Weisgerber, Jim Allen, Ron Town, Tierra Tronboll, Sharri Dowdell, Tony Buchmiller

Annette Foote moved and Ross Radford seconded that the minutes be accepted as corrected. Dang Bros Pizza (Not Dan)

Treasurer’s Report:
County Money, Public Funds Account
Bank Balance $24,448.08

Grant Money, Non Public Funds Account
Bank Balance $36,743.42

Jamie Beals Motioned and Ross Radford seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as read.

Station Manager’s Report:
Battalion 5 Chief Jeremy Roesler reports for Captain Rick Johnson that in July we had 29 days covered by reserves. For August, we have 2 additional drivers from down south. Chief Riesler reports that for the assessment and battery for the gurney, it will cost $2200 and Ramona may make an offer. Captain Johnson will update us on this at a later time.

Unfinished Business:

40th Anniversary Party Committee Update:
Natural Selection will start setting up around noon and will play from 6-10 PM. Dang Bros will set up at 4 and serve from 5-7. Ross Radford is donating peanuts for snacks. The board agrees we will sell sodas and waters after 7 for $1 each. The party is from 4-10 PM. The raffle will start at 7:30. Ron Town offers to make an opening in the fence on Skyway to create a parking area in the north part of the field to keep the fire station, road and mailboxes clear. Jamie Beals motions and Krystal Tronboll seconds that the $500 donation will be spent on a $300 gift certificate to Casa Del Zoro and 2- $100 cash envelopes for the raffle. Jim Allen offers to mow for $100, Jamie Beals motions to approve the $100 and Don Rowan seconds.

Shed Repairs: Corey Bennin reports that the doors are fixed but the person who did the repairs told him that the shed needs some repairs to the wood as well as painting. Jamie Beals motions and Krystal Tronboll seconds that we get an estimate for the repairs and discuss at the next meeting.

Propane Tank Offer: Don Rowan reports that an offer was made on the propane tank for $500. Jamie Beals motioned and Krystal Tronboll seconds that we accept the offer.

Upcoming Events:
August 19th: 40th anniversary party
September 9th: Community Breakfast and swap meet

Meeting was motioned to be adjourned at 7:20 by Annette Foote and seconded by Jamie Beals.

Respectfully submitted by Jamie Beals