2017-07-11 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of MVVFD Board Meeting
July 11th, 2017

Carolyn Audibert called the meeting to order at 6:10 PM

Members in Attendance:
Vice President: Don Rowan
Treasurer: Annette Foote
Secretary: Jamie Beals
Board Members: Ross Radford, Shannon Frink

Firefighters in Attendance:
Corey Bennin, Ken McGowan, Keenan Young

Public in Attendance:
Dave and Sandy Weisgerber, Jim Allen

Annette Foote moved and Shannon Frink seconded that the minutes be accepted as corrected. Grant account balance is $37,809.29

Treasurer’s Report:
County Money, Public Funds Account
Bank Balance $29,066.43

Grant Money, Non Public Funds Account
Bank Balance $37,008.85

Don Rowan moved and Carolyn Audibert seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as read.

Station Manager’s Report:
Captain Rick Johnson was not present but let Carolyn Audibert know he would catch us up when he returns.

Unfinished Business:

Shirt quote: Carolyn Audibert presented the shirts and prices, Carolyn Audibert recommends we sell the t-shirts. Shannon Frink motions we will sell the shirts for $10 each for sizes small through XL and $12 for bigger sizes, Don Rowan seconds.

Don motions we approve $2220.00 for the purchase of the 250 shirts, Shannon Frink seconds the motion.

For the kids who designed the shirts, Jamie Beals motions we gift them both a $25 amazon gift card and recognize them on stage if they are present at the event. Don Rowan seconds the motion.

It is noted that we need to send personalized invitations to the party to Patricia Torres and both of the t-shirt designers.

Committee Meeting Update:
Jamie Beals reports that we can borrow trash cans for the event from Ramona Disposal and we will not be charged for them if we return them.

Ross Radford’s reports that Dan Bros Pizza will provide beer and lemonade which will be included in the cost of the catering. They have a generator but having other electricity will be helpful for them.

The Lenci’s have offered to rent us their generator, which would be enough to run the party, for $150 for the day including delivery, pickup and gas. We will have them on standby since Russ Frink has consulted with us about running cords from the station to the field and says it will be fine as long as the station has enough circuits. We will try the cords first and if that doesn’t work we will get the generator.

Don Rowan moves to approve $150 for the Lenci’s generator if needed, Jamie Beals seconds.

The board agrees asking the local teenagers who have licenses if they would like to be designated drivers is a good idea.

The board agrees to not rent a dunk tank for the party. We will have an arts and crafts table for the children instead, Shannon Frink offers to volunteer to oversee the table. Jamie Beals moves to approve $50 for craft supplies, Don Rowan seconds the motion.

Swap Meet Recap: Don Rowan reports that the swap meet went well, vendors are eager for the next one. There were 5 or 6 vendors and a table of community donations sold to raise money for the board. The income the board brought in from the swap meet was $287 with a $70 expense for donuts. The next swap meet will be September 9th from 9-12. There will be a community pancake and egg breakfast the same day, starting at 8 and ending at 10.

Signs: Jim Allen presented a quote for 25 signs for the breakfasts. Don Rowan motions to get 25 signs at $8.01 each, the board will reimburse Jim Allen for the cost. Jamie Beals seconds the motion.

Tax Bill: Annette Foote received another letter and states that the bookkeeper advises the board to just pay it. The bill is for $3,912.17. The bookkeeper says she will write letters to try to straighten the situation out. Don Rowan motions to pay the bill and Ross Radford seconds.

Doors: The door for the shipping container will be a hollow metal door and the repair man will fix the shed door. The repair will move forward as the funds have already been approved.

Gurney: The $2000 offer for the gurney is off the table so Jim Allen will list it on craigslist and eBay for $7000 OBO. Since he is listing the gurney he will also list the generator for $5000. In order to approve an OBO sale, Jim will email all the board members, 2 responses in agreement with the sale are necessary. We will add an item to the September agenda to update the progress on this if they haven’t sold.

New Business:
Patricia Torres recommended the MVVFD board for a $500 donation for the 40th Anniversary Party from the Ken Blanchard Companies, which we received. We will recognize her in the newsletter and at the 40th Anniversary party if she is present.

Upcoming Events:
August 19th: 40th Anniversary Party
September 9th: Community Breakfast and Swap Meet

Meeting was motioned to be adjourned by Don Rowan at 8:05.

Respectfully submitted by Jamie Beals