2017-05-02 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of MVVFD Board Meeting
May 2nd, 2017

Carolyn Audibert called the meeting to order at 6:15 PM

Members in Attendance:
Treasurer: Annette Foote
Secretary: Jamie Beals
Board Members: Ross Radford, Don Rowan, Shannon Frink

Firefighters in Attendance:
Captain Rick Johnson, Corey Bennin

Public in Attendance:
Dave and Sandy Weisgerber

Annette Foote moved and Shannon Frink seconded that the minutes be accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:
County Money, Public Funds Account
Bank Balance $29,219.43

Grant Money, Non Public Funds Account
Bank Balance $37,969.46

Jamie Beals moved and Ross Radford seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as read.

Station Manager’s Report:
Captain Rick Johnson reports that the station was covered 19 days in April for 24 hour days and 3 days for 12 hours. He reports the following calls:

  • 4/01 Medical Aid in SS Vehicle vs Pedestrian
  • 4/02 Collision
  • 4/15 Structure fire in Ramona
  • 4/16 Traffic Collision
  • 4/23 Structure Fire on La Jolla reservation Medical Rescue
  • 4/29 Vegetation Fire

Captain Johnson reports that we have 1 new operator for a total of 7. At the monthly working group meeting, more incentives were discussed for volunteers (food and fuel stipends?)

Corey Bennin reports that the DSI are coming and to get homes cleaned up, mow before 10 am to reduce fire risk. He asks that people are patient with the inspectors as they will have some questions to update a new electronic system that is being implemented to help with resource management.

Captain Johnson reports that Adam Lambert is no longer a Chief out here; he transferred to Ramona. Jeremi Roesler is the new Battalion Chief.

The GPS are here and on the equipment. Soon all 7 operators will be coming to Ranchita.

Unfinished Business:

  1. Generator: tabled to next meeting.
  2. Shirt quote: Carolyn Audibert will email to the board.
  3. Signs: tabled to next meeting.
  4. Flag light: Don Rowan moves to reimburse Ross Radford $153 for the light, Shannon Frink seconds the motion. Ross will have the light put up.
  5. 40th anniversary: Our insurance will not cover alcohol and we do not have enough manpower to do our own bbq and food so Don Rowan recommends we use a caterer. The board and community approves the following for the party:
    • Dang Brother Pizza catering and drinks for $3000
    • Porto Potties: Standard, Handicapped, Wash Station for $404.56
    • Mowing of the field by Nick Ketelsen for $300
    • Face painting and balloon twisting by Erika Newsome for $165
    • Jump house obstacle course for $249
    • Carolyn Audibert wants a quote for a dunk tank as well, will put on agenda for the next meeting.
  6. The board approves of Dave and Sandy Weisgerber’s letter for donation requests.
  7. Doors: Annette Foote got a quote for $1700 for the 2 doors. She is waiting on a few more quotes and Corey Bennin will ask his neighbor for a quote as well so this is tabled until the next meeting.
  8. Easter party recap: Went well. People want more events. Donations of $38 cash and $25 check.
  9. The website is updated and working again.
  10. Purpose of the board: Don Rowan states the purpose of the Ranchita Fire Board is for community support and involvement. Carolyn Audibert adds that we provide supplies for the fire fighters. Ross Radford comments that we should promote fire safety in the community. Don Rowan notes that this is how we know what the community and Fire Authority are doing.

New Business:
Annette Foote brings up a $4000 tax bill from 2012. She is contacting the bookkeeper for more info and will report back next meeting.

Upcoming events:
May 20th: Breakfast, 8-10. Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs and Drinks.
June 10: Swap Meet, 8-12. Coffee and donuts will be supplied, Don Rowan will head this up.
July 8th: Breakfast, 8-10. Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs and Drinks.
August 19th: 40th Anniversary Party

Starting in September we will have a monthly meal on the second Saturday of the month.

Meeting was adjourned by Don Rowan at 8:22
Respectfully submitted by Jamie Beals