2017-04-04 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of MVVFD Board Meeting
April 4th, 2017

Carolyn Audibert called the meeting to order at PM

Members in Attendance:
Treasurer: Annette Foote
Board Members: Ross Radford, Don Rowan, Jamie Beals, Shannon Frink

Fire Fighter in Attendance:
Captain Rick Johnson, Corey Bennin

Public in Attendance:
Dave and Sandy Weisgerber, Jim and Marilyn Allen

Don Rowan moved and Annette Foote seconded that the minutes be accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:
County Money, Public Funds Account
Bank Balance $29,165.42

Grant Money, Non Public Funds Account
Bank Balance $$38,109.37

Ross Radford moved and Don Rowan seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as read.

Station Manager’s Report:
Captain Rick Johnson reports the following calls:
6 traffic accidents
1 public service
1 vehicle fire
5 medical aid

Captain Johnson reports that the inspection went well. Recommendations are to get perimeter fencing and figure out what to do with the generator. He states that the vacuum was delivered and that the GPS devices are at Monte Vista and ready for pick up. The quarterly meeting is rescheduled for sometime in the summer. And for staffing, we currently have only 6 operators but they are working on it and people are promoting soon.

Unfinished Business:
A) Anniversary party – Don Rowan moves and Jamie Beals seconds that the board approves $1000 to hire Natural Selection for the party. The board voted on 2 student designs for the t-shirts. Carolyn Audibert will get a cost quote and we will put that for vote on the next agenda.

B) Don Rowan reports that we have 2 signs to use for events and requests that we get 2 more, Jim Allen and Don Rowan will put together a quote to be voted on at the next meeting.

C) More gravel is needed to fill in the rest of the drive. Jamie Beals motions and Annette Foote seconds to approve $1000.

D) Easter breakfast and egg hunt will take place on April 15th. Breakfast at 9, egg hunt at 10, prep starts at 8. We will serve pancakes, eggs, sausage, coffee, juice and cocoa. Don Rowan will head up the event, Annette Foote will do the shopping, Jamie Beals volunteered to stuff the eggs and Shannon Frink and Don Rowan volunteered to do set up and decorations.

E) Ross Radford will have a light for the flag pole to vote on at the next meeting.

F) Annette Foote and Carolyn Audibert will go to the bank and change the account signers next week.

G) Annette Foote will call about the insurance.

H) The training center is still in discussion and Ranchita is still being considered.

New Business:
Ross Radford volunteers to be the head of the 40th Anniversary party planning committee. A planning meeting will take place on April 17th at 6 PM at the fire station. Current people volunteering are Sandy Weisgerber, Shannon Frink, Annette Foote, Don Rowan and Jamie Beals.

Don Rowan moves and Shannon Frink seconds to reappoint Jamie Beals as board secretary.

Meeting was adjourned by Don Rowan at 7:52

Respectfully submitted
Jamie Beals