Defensible Space

Public Service Announcement

The Montezuma Valley Volunteer Fire Department advises Ranchita and San Diego back country residents to be extra vigilant this fire season and take steps to create a defensible space around all structures. We received a lot of rain this winter which equates to more vegetation growth and therefore more fuel build-up.

We strongly advise that if you must mow, do it NOW before things really dry out. Mow in the early morning when there is low or no wind and carry a shovel and fire extinguisher on your equipment at all times.

The fire authority will soon be evaluating all properties in person and offering advice and specific steps to improve our fire prevention measures. They are here to help, not issue citations, so please welcome and work together with them.

If you need assistance (labor-wise or financial) in maintaining your defensible space, please reach out to the MVVFD and we can get some information to you about any possible programs or people willing to help in the area.

Let’s make this an UNeventful fire season!